Astro Core with free adapter cable

Astro Core

Motion and Time-lapse have long been our area of focus with the original Astro and the PicoTime-lapse trigger, both successfully funded Kickstarter projects that have become widely popular products. Astro Core advances the category by simplifying complex motions, and by adding wireless programing through our smartphone app. (Android and iOS).

Gesture programming

The biggest obstacle to motion control is creating a program, since it usually involves complex curves, values and math. We wanted to remove every obstacle so you can focus on creating amazing time-lapses, so we developed what we believe is the most intuitive way of creating motion control programs. We call it Gesture Programming.

Use the Astro App to record your desired motion in mid-air, then send the recorded program to Astro Core and it will precisely mimic your moves. It works with one Astro to create panning or tilting programs, or with two Astros to create simultaneous two axes motion.

Precise settings  

Astro Core is not limited to gesture programming; in fact it features some of the most powerful features ever in a time-lapse device. With precise control for speed ramping, bulb ramping, ease in and out motion, and HDR time-lapses and presets, you can dive as far as you want into the controls and create unique and precise motion using the intuitive smartphone app.

Wireless programming  

After you set up your program in the app, send it wirelessly to Astro Core via Bluetooth. Then sit back and enjoy the view while Astro Core does the work!


We have created a platform of accessories that bring tilt and linear motion into the equation for more advanced motion control.

Astro Core works great by itself to create panning or tilting time-lapses, but when you add more Astros and the Linear Mount into the equation, you get endless possibilities. It becomes the first truly portable and affordable 3-axis motion system.

You can create panning motion with one Astro, and with an L-bracket, you can create tilting motion too.

With the 2-Axis pack, create simultaneous panning + tilting motion.

With the 3-Axis pack, you can create pan + tilt + linear motion at once.


Astro Core is so small you can take it anywhere, and it runs on AA batteries so you don’t have to worry about outlet availability or downtimes.


Astro Core controls your camera via the remote port. This means that it’s compatible with thousands of cameras, and as long as your camera has a remote port, Astro will most likely work with it. If you want to see a full list of known compatible camera models click here.


3.5 x 1.5” / 9 x 4 cm


Maximum Speed

120 degrees/minute


Mount Type

1/4 by 20 Tripod mount



0.68 lb / 312 g


Power Source

2 AA Batteries


Panning Load

22 lbs / 10 kg


Tilting Load – Centerd Weight

6.6 lb / 3 kg


Operation Temperature

32 to 104° F / 0 to 40° C



2.5mm jack for camera trigger / Bluetooth 4.0 for programming

We Believe the creative process does not need to be complex. We aim to provide the tools for photographers to reach their maximum level of expression without being limited by the technical complexities. Time-lapse and motion have become such an important part of every production. We feel it is our job to make it simple..

Astro Core with free adapter cable