Astro Pico

We believe the creative process does not need to be complex. We aim to provide the tools for photographers to reach their maximum level of expression without being limited by the technical complexities. Time-lapse and motion have become such an important part of every production. We feel it is our job to make it simple.


In 2012, Mindarin, LLC launched the original Astro Time-lapse and Motion Control on Kickstarter and received an amazing support from over 2000 backers all over the world. Since then, we’ve developed two more photography products: the Linear Mount and the Pico; and now we are working on strengthening our brand through a strategic manufacturing partnership with Versa Electronics.


This partnership is allowing our design team to focus on improving our products and continue developing; while Versa takes on production, distribution, and day to day operations. Versa Electronics is a manufacturer of electronic as well as mechanical products and developer of firmware and applications software, we are keenly aware of the many aspects of developing new products; we are committed to continuing to push technology forward in support of our digital photography customers. Every one of our employees is dedicated to the design, development and manufacture of high quality, technically capable products.


We redesigned Astro from the ground up and improved the mechanical and electrical design. We decided to create a very superior version of Astro that would keep only the essential components and allow for modularity. And that is how Astro Core was born.

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